99% SiC green silicon carbide f150 f180 f220 f240

$3,400.00 $3,300.00 /MT

Green silicon carbide grit is a very hard abrasive material . The hardness of it only ranks after diamond and B4C, and it is harder than black silicon carbide. So it is suitable to grinding large range of hard material such as titanium alloy, marble, carbide alloy, optical glasses, ceramics, etc. Green Silicon Carbide is produced at high temperature in an electric resistance type furnace with quarts sand and petroleum coke. The SiC purity of green silicon carbide is up to 99%min. It is an artificial brittle SiC with high thermal conductivity and high strength which get no decrease in 1000 centigrade.

Mohs Hardness:9.5
Vickers Hardness:3100-3400kg/mm2
Specific Gravity:3.2g/cm3
Bulk density(LPD):1.2-1.6 g/cm3
Particle shape:Hexagonal
Melting Point:Dissociated at about 2600 centigrade
Maximum service temperature:1900 centigrade
Thermal conductivity0.013 cal/cm2.sec (900°C)
Thermal expansion coefficient

7-9 x10-6 /℃(0-1600°C)

Chemical ContentF20-F220F230-F2000
SiCMin 99%Min 98.5%
SiO2Max 0.50%Max 0.70%
F,SiMax 0.20%Max 0.40%
Fe2O3Max 0.10%Max 0.15%
F.CMax 0.20%Max 0.30%
L.O.IMax 0.05%

Max 0.09%

Green silicon carbide application:

1. Precision polishing for hard optical glass such as camera lens.

2. Abrasive blasting on hard metal CNB knife such as titanium alloy, carbide alloy, etc.

3. Polishing and grinding quartz glass.

4. Grinding hard stone, marbles, granite, etc.

5. Polishing PZT/ Piezoelectric ceramic.

6. Blasting copper and copper alloy.

7. Surface treatment on diamond tools.

8. Wire sawing.

9. Polishing jewelry such as diamond and cinnabar.

10. Grinding other thin brittle material precise component.

11. Anti-fire novel Nano Aerogel.

12. Fire insulation material such as sintered ceramics.

13. Teflon coating.

14. Fluorocarbon coating and paint.

15. High quality brake additives such as aero plane brakes.

16. Silicon carbide ceramic filler.

17. Polishing tools such as wet diamond polishing pad, PVC grinding disc, etc.


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