Black silicon carbide application

Black silicon carbide Abrasive media and sandblasting cleaning processes achieve a wide range of results. Some of the most popular applications include:

  • Cleaning building facades. Brick, cement, and manufactured building surfaces pick up dirt, road chemicals, and organic material over time. Abrasive cleaning equipment removes the material for easy cleaning.
  • Driveway, parking lot, and public area cleaning. Concrete surfaces are porous. Long-term contact with tires, exhaust, and roadside chemicals make the surface deteriorate over time. Shotblasting makes the surfaces look newer and removes the contaminants to prevent further surface-level degradation. Shot media can also remove the damaged top layer for refinishing and repairs.
  • Graffiti removal on concrete, brick, and fiberglass surfaces. They chip paint away from the surface without removing the underlying structural material.
  • Removing spots of ash and stains after fires or other disasters.
  • Stone and masonry cleaning. Stone, bricks, and grout lines absorb dirt and chemicals over time. Algae and microplants can also grow into the surface. Shotblasting removes the unwanted material for a deeper clean.

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